Ecofriendly Culture

Aware of its responsibility, Millet is committed to environmental protection initiatives.

Matter Matters

As a major player in the manufacture of plastic containers, Millet Plastics Group hopes to respond intelligently to needs, while contributing ever more positively to the environmental footprint issue. As such, plastics challenges remain at the heart of our concerns.

This is first possible thanks to our:

  • responsible business practices
  • involvement with industry players to stay abreast of developments in sustainable commitment
  • interaction with local communities
  • education about waste management habits

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A Brand New, State-of-the-art Plant

An exothermic production process allows Millet Plastic Canada to minimize the use of additional energy for the ventilation, cooling and heating of its plant.

In addition, the design of the systems and the selection of high energy performance mechanical equipment was carried out with a view towards recovering the energy rejected during the manufacturing process. Consequently, the warehouse and technical room are heated in winter thanks to the recovered compression energy.

Recovering the dissipated energy from the equipment in the production room allows that same room to be heated.

Finally, the equipment is fully compliant with a food production environment’s requirements and ensures the employees’ comfort.