Customer Satisfaction

Determined and committed

  • Are your requirements increasing? Millet is committed to being an effective reference for your teams.
  • Your time is valuable; Millet is committed to being proactive. Your products are unique. That is why Millet is dedicated to designing innovative and effective solutions.
  • Your products live; Millet is committed to supporting you throughout their life cycle.
  • Your markets are globalizing; Millet is dedicated to providing you with competitive solutions.
  • Your needs are changing; Millet is committed to developing and training the necessary resources.
Millet stands out for its commitment, its distinguishing feature! Join us!

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Superior Quality

We guarantee our quality management system’s compliance with our customers’ requirements.

  • We comply with the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 international standards (Millet Plastics Group certified in France);
  • Our employees are trained to comply with our quality principles;
  • We monitor our processes and products to meet our customers’ expectations;
  • Millet Plastics Group regularly monitors the quality objectives set by our customers’ code of ethics and business conduct;
  • We are constantly improving our quality management system;
  • Millet Plastics Group has developed and implemented a HACCP plan.