Millet Plastique Canada Launches its Website

It is with great pleasure that Millet Plastique Canada finally launches the website for its Granby plant; a creation of the Esprits Libres design team.

The website showcases our Canadian expertise, as supported by the Millet Plastics Group, a French company that has been operating for more than 60 years, and is recognized for its co-design approach and sustained R&D efforts.

If you will remember, Millet Plastics Group selected Granby at the end of 2017 to set up its new plant meant to service all of Eastern North America. The Granby plant has been operating since January 2019 and provides extrusion blow-molded packaging to food industry customers. Since then, meetings and business opportunities have been very interesting. Millet Plastique Canada was also quite active in its recruitment efforts, allowing it to hit the ground running despite the labor shortages, and to shine quickly for its employer culture.

A Bold Signature

It was during a co-creative effort to find a signature for its Canadian entity that Millet Plastique Canada selected the slogan “Matière à s’emballer”. Not only playful, this pun describes the company’s expertise to a T, as well as its creative value. The English equivalent, “Matter Matters”, was coined quickly thereafter. Due to be translated in English soon, this content will help facilitate communications with customers outside the Quebec province.